Jacquard Marbling Color, 2oz

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All JacquardÕs Marbling Colors spread equally on the marbling size and produce the most intense colors possible. On fabric, the Marbling Colors are soft to the touch and completely washfast after heat-setting. On other porous and semi-porous surfaces, the paints have excellent adhesion.
any porous or semi-porous surface, including natural and synthetic fabrics, canvas, paper, wood, leather and more
In general paper for marbling should not contain a lot of external sizing to keep the marbling paints from sinking into the paper. Smooth paper is also nice to maintain crisp designs. Printmaking, charcoal, and pastel papers are particularly nice as are rice papers, although Hosho should be avoided as it dissolves when it gets wet. Papers made for markers or watercolor seems to contain a lot of sizing causing marbled designs to run.
Available in 9 colors

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