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Talens Picture Varnish Mat 003 Bottle


  • 250 ml
  • 75 ml
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Purpose: Durable protection of an oil painting (final varnish).

Composition: Synthetic resin, turpentine oil, waxes.

  • Apply when paint film has completely dried (approx. 1 year with normal layer thickness)
  • When applying with a brush do so in one layer and in one direction
  • Dries in a few hours
  • Does not yellow
  • Varnish in bottle gives a satin gloss, varnish in spray can is matter
  • The degree of gloss is increased when mixed with Picture varnish gloss 002
  • Can be thinned with turpentine
  • Clean brushes with white spirit or turpentine
  • Dry varnish coats can be removed with white spirit or turpentine
  • If the contents become cloudy place bottle in warm water
  • Flammable (in spray can: extremely flammable)